Young Skål Perth

Young Skål is the category of Skål International organisation, focused on worldwide students and young professionals from the hospitality and tourism industry.

Young Skål aims to attract young professionals and students from the hospitality and tourism industry to the organization and to turn them into active Skål International members, once they reach the necessary qualifications.

Perth Young Skål Team

Meet your Perth Young Skål ambassadors!

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Jordan Wright

 Young Skål Director

Jack Sherrell

Young Skål Coordinator

Membership benefits


$40 annually

  • Discounted function tickets
  • Access to global database
  • Travel benefits and discounts
  • Networking & Workshops


  • Skål Student benefits
  • Voting rights
  • Eligibility for Exchange Prorgam
  • Scholarship/ Internships

Young Skål Clubs in Australia

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Young Skål Adelaide

Skål International Adelaide has members in the Young Skål category.


Young Skål Perth Twin Clubs

Young Skål Cape Town

Skål International Cape Town, South Africa has members in the Young Skål category.

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